About bigfreedia

Big Freedia, known as the Queen of Bounce, is a New Orleans-based rapper and ambassador of Bounce music. A vibrant twist on hip-hop, Bounce is characterized by call-and-response lyrics over rapid-fire beats and accelerated booty-shaking.

Best Booty Drawing

Im going to be taking over Bootys bathroom next week--I'll be decorating it Booty-Bounce style. Help me! Send your best drawing of a booty and I'll pick the best and display them on the bathrrom walls! Please send to my publicist: nicole@ballinpr.com and follow her at @ballinpr to hear winners!

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Big Freedia Lays Out The Basics Of Bounce

Born out of New Orleans club culture, bounce music isn't just best experienced in person — it's almost impossible to understand in the abstract. But Big Freedia (pronounced "free-duh"), one of the style's biggest stars, says the music does have a few defining features. Bounce is based in hip-hop. It favors punchy tempos, heavy bass [...]

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New Orleans’s Gender-Bending Rap

At 1 a.m., though, Freedia (pronounced “FREE-da”) was still a mile or so away, fulfilling a paid celebrity-hosting gig at Club Fabulous. The fabulousness of Club Fabulous, on this night at least, seemed a function mainly of its Mardi Gras-themed décor, conceived and executed by Freedia herself. Otherwise the crowd was sparse, largely straight and [...]

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