Big Freedia Swiggle Wiggle Nails

Express yourself with confidence with these presses on nails fit for a Queen. Rhinestones, patterns and fun colors will have your hands stealing the show!

Big Freedia Bounce Eyeshadow Palette

From sultry smokey eyes to eye-popping bursts of color, the  Big Freedia neon eye shadow collection empowers you to experiment and express yourself like never before. Whether you’re going  clubbing or to the gym, mix and match these shades to create your own look.  

Big Freedia Ya Besta Believa Lashes

Ya Besta Believa these lashes will make a statement! Accented with rhinestones and endless volume, these lashes will command attention wherever you go!

Big Freedia Girl Down Lashes

Lightweight and comfortable, Girl Down lashes will make your eyes pop.

Big Freedia Yaka Yaka Lashes

Get ready to take your lash game to a whole new level with Yaka Yaka lashes by Big Freedia. These extensions are long and luscious, and give you that extra pop for everyday use.


Big Freedia Announces SHADE by Big Freedia
– a collaboration with EyeCandy Creations

“My new line of eyewear is inspired by my childhood on Josephine Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, the home where I learned all of life’s lessons and developed the lens through which I see the world. My momma, Vera, told me to love my bold loud self, my church schooled me in the art of performance, and my neighborhood fed my soul (literally and figuratively). So, go out there, be yourself, and throw some Queen Diva shade with my new collection!”


“Vera”– Add drama to your look with these 24K gold-plated sunglasses embellished with Swarovski crystals and featuring custom polarized lenses.

“Josephine”– Be bold with gold. These 24K gold plated metal sunglasses are handmade with crystals and custom polarized lenses.

“Love”– See life through love-colored glasses with the Italian handmade acetate sunglasses and crystals with custom polarized lenses.