Brazilian eyewear brand Chilli Beans has teamed up with the Queen of New Orleans Bounce, Big Freedia, to create a fun and stylish collection of eyewear for any occasion called The Queen Diva Collection.

The collection includes ten different styles (7 sunglasses, 3 optical) in a variety of colors and patterns, making a total of forty different pieces. This week Chilli Beans released the first five styles (available here) and they will continue to release the remaining styles throughout the month. From oversized snakeskin in a myriad of colors, to ombre frames with gold chain detailing, each pair was inspired by Freedia while on her visit to Brazil last year.

“I never leave the house without my sunglasses,” says Big Freedia, who readily admits to being accessory obsessed. “It was a natural partnership. Chilli Beans is all about being yourself.”

Likewise, Chilli Beans was inspired by Big Freedia’s extreme energy and passion, qualities the brand also sets out to inspire within their own consumers. Like the Queen of Bounce, Chilli Beans has come to be known as a symbol of individuality and freedom of style.

Marking the first U.S. collaboration that will be available in Brazil, the collection allows Chilli Beans to bridge the gap between American and Brazilian consumers.